Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pretty Girl!

Just wanted to update a nice pic of Emily, my Great Pyrenees. She is lying on the
sofa next to me right now in the nice, comfortable airconditioning-dreaming. Her whiskers are twitching and and she is chasing after an imaginary squirel, legs moving and and contracting in perfect reciprocal motion.

I am between paintings at the moment. All week I have wanted to work in my studio but have sucessfuly found everything else to do. You name it, cleaned, vacumed, reorganized the back bedroom and my studio, messed around ALOT on the computer. Even had to have AAA come out to jump a dead battery in the Trailblazer. Have done no painting...argh! Tomorrow I go back to work at the hospital.....

Also, must postpone my trip to Greensboro, NC, for a couple of weeks. I look forward to getting up there. It will be so nice to see my dear friend Donna and the new friends I have met! I am excited to get the commissioned portraits to their homes!!

Till next time!!
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