Monday, June 29, 2009


I have been working hard these last couple of weeks. However, it is all the behind the scenes type of work. I have really put alot of effort in to progressing the business end of my business. I have revamped and updated my website---WHEH! (That was a big job! But I really like it!! Let me know what you think.)I plan to create some nice brochures that are similar in theme and I am working on my mailing list. I also hope to get my Cafe Press store going more sucessfuly. My friend Maggie Weakly has been such an inspiration to me with this and has done such a professional job. And one more thing is to start and develope my Artfire site for smaller items.....

Upstairs/Downstair Antique Gallery is sadly suffering as collateral damage from the economy. I have exhibited my artwork there nearly 2 years and had done well. I made some nice friends in Mike and Pia Ernst. I wish them well on their new adventure and new life in Maryland. They put their heart and soul in to this business.

Oh yes, and here is the completed painting of Bella and Chloe #2. I am hoping to get going on #3 this week.

I hope this week bring you all good health and happiness this week!
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another start to a Work in Progress. Wanted to share with you all the beginnings. Bella and Chloe #2. I think I got a great start to it yesterday. I worked on it ALL day. Have a lot going on today so hope I can get some time to work on it. It has been a fun painting to work on!!

I get my painting of Emily today!!!! Will be visiting with Maggie Weakly who created it. Go to to see Emily, my Great Pyrenees!!!

Will be adding more as I go along!

Much love for now :)
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Bella and Chloe #1

Here is my newest painting. These are Donna's two Golden Retrievers--Bella and Chloe. This is number 1 of 3. I am actually starting
number 2 today and wanted to make sure that I posted the first one in the series.

The month of June is now half over. How has that happened?! I am hoping to get these 2-3 paintings done by the 2nd of July. That will be when I head back up to North Carolina. How funny, James Taylor is now singing "In my mind I'm going to Carolina" on my ipod!!

Summer is now firmly established in the state of Florida. Once again my farm has become a mosquito, poison ivy and banana spider sanctuary--Not by choice! However it is all beautifully green all around me. There are truly trade offs for everything. there is no other place I would rather be in December through May. Florida is the best during that time. That is also when all the horses and riders come to Ocala. A really fun time!!!

Will post more hopefully by the end of the week! Have a Happy week everyone. Looking forward to connecting with you again!!!
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pretty Girl!

Just wanted to update a nice pic of Emily, my Great Pyrenees. She is lying on the
sofa next to me right now in the nice, comfortable airconditioning-dreaming. Her whiskers are twitching and and she is chasing after an imaginary squirel, legs moving and and contracting in perfect reciprocal motion.

I am between paintings at the moment. All week I have wanted to work in my studio but have sucessfuly found everything else to do. You name it, cleaned, vacumed, reorganized the back bedroom and my studio, messed around ALOT on the computer. Even had to have AAA come out to jump a dead battery in the Trailblazer. Have done no painting...argh! Tomorrow I go back to work at the hospital.....

Also, must postpone my trip to Greensboro, NC, for a couple of weeks. I look forward to getting up there. It will be so nice to see my dear friend Donna and the new friends I have met! I am excited to get the commissioned portraits to their homes!!

Till next time!!
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