Saturday, August 28, 2010

Helloooo out there!

I haven't posted anything on this blog for a shamefully long time! I have actually started another blog for my weekly paintings called Q-7painting. Check it out when you can! I am posting a new painting tonight!!
This is a work in progress of a wonderful rider and horsewoman, Theresa Brummit. I believe you can reach her site by going to Brummit Dressage. I promise to check on that!! Approximately 3 years ago she was a participant in a Baroque Horse Showcase held at a local farm. I was there to photograph the event and was able to take some very fun pictures of some gorgeous horses and exhibitions. I will post a link to the event soon. This is a large pastel painting on Wallis paper. 20 x 30". I still have a ways to go on it, but I am liking the direction in which it is heading.
Much has happened since my last posting, but for the sake of everyone I will let the past be the past! I will mention that I got my first puppy in July. I have had many rescue dogs They have all been adults so he is my very first Puppy! His name is Winstion and he is a 4 month old Golden Retriever. I hope this all finds you well, content and at peace.
Talk with you soon!
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