Monday, May 25, 2009

WIP Oliver & Yoda

Happy Memorial Day to all! This is a special day to honor all those that have served our country. I was raised in a military family and came to appreciate the sense of duty and commitment that our soldiers have for our nation. We are Blessed to live here!!! We are Blessed to be free!! Thank You!!!

Here are Barbara's 2 boys. I met Oliver and Yoda on my trip to Greensboro, N.C.
I waited till I passed the "ugly" stage before posting this work in progress. They are a couple of Cool Guys!! This is pastel on suede mattboard, 11 x 14. I still have much to do but am starting to like it. I hope I can capture the personality of these two characters! They made me smile!!

Till next time!! My goal is to complete two of my 6 commissions from my N.C. trip this week. Wish me Luck!!!
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