Saturday, April 11, 2009

all is not lost

I was able to finish this picture of Marauder today. I was feeling sick this morning and couldn't make it to work, and feeling a little down about that. When I finally woke up I decided that I needed to finish this painting. It had been waiting for me since before my trip to N.C. I am happy it is done now! I hope my client likes it. He was such a handsome boy!!

My trip to Greensboro was so enjoyable and relaxing! I met and got reacquainted with so many nice people. I cant forget the animals!! Chloe and Bella are the most charming young Golden Retrievers!! LOVE THEM!! I am so excited to be doing a couple of portraits of them for my dear friend Donna. Moses is a young, black, tri-color ed Australian Shepherd. He belongs to Lizzie's dad Harold. Then, the cutest Corgis ever!! Oliver and Yoda!! I am so excited to have the privilege of creating portraits of these wonderful animals and also, last but not least, a portrait of a special Wedding day with a beautiful Bride!!

Thank You Donna for your hospitality!! I look forward to returning in June!!
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Tammy said...

I really love this work. It is even more amzing in person. The portrait looks alive. Thank you so much. I am happy to have marauder home once again, even if it is just in a picture.