Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Wonderful Surprise!

I had a wonderful surprise this week! Larissa Cox wrote me a little note letting me know that I have been mentioned me on the blog Tack n Talk. (boy I hope I got that right--if not I will correct it) Also, can be tried.
Please visit this site! It is a wonderful, informative and fun site about Horses, Horse people and fun goings on around the Barn! The Authors of this blog are Larissa W Cox of Larissa Cox Training and Elizabeth Keenan of Libby's Sunhall Equestrian Centre.Thank you so much!!!

Watching the potential launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour...There has been 2 previous scrubs of this mission. In fact my good friend Maggie Weakly ( was present at one of the scrubbed missions. This really demonstrates how important it is to do your homework, and all the preparation. This can be applied to so many areas in life. Isnt ist said that success is 5% genius and 95% preparation, persistance and hardwork. I am paraphrasing quite a bit--but you get the idea. I can apply this in my life to getting in and making it through PT school, succesfully riding a correct Dressage Test, to making it in the Art World. I think I have discovered that I have more of those traits than I ever thought. I wish the Astronauts God's Speed and much safety in their mission. 4 minutes to go!
They've launched!! So far so good. Looking out my east window hoping to see something, but sadly--too overcast here. On a rare occasion I have been able to see them go especially at night. Quite dramatic and very memorable!
Another week working on behind the scenes. I have worked on my website, mailing list, brochure, etc. I want to get back to painting! Hopefully soon. Will keep you posted!

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