Sunday, January 18, 2009

It has been a while since I have posted. The holidays came and went in a blur between the commissioned art work and working at the hospital. Now, I am back to work at the hospital and have not been able to inspire myself to go back to the studio.

It is always a balancing act.

One that requires perseverence, self discipline and making a decision to create something or to follow through on a promised piece. (It is funny how I miss the creative process when I have been absent.)

But, I have to eat and pay the mortgage, not to mention feed the dogs, horses and put gas in the car, ad nauseum......

So, the striving for balance.

I also have discovered Facebook. Oh, boy.... it has been fun learning about about all the features. I have also connected with people I havent talked to for years and talking to people I have wanted to get to know better. It is a wonderful distraction!!

I will be photographing a NADAC dog agility trial this coming weekend. I will talk more about this in the time to come.


dissertations service said...

This art is amazing and the dogs looks very realistic, i was really looking forward to your work and its awesome to have you back! yes it is a good opportunity, anyways best wishes for you dear. love your work.

Tokyo conference said...

Welcome back to the world of blog writing. I am sure you will also be missing all this but its really good to know that you enjoyed your summer holidays while working with hospitals and also earning. This blog about the dogs is amazing. They look so cute. I always wanted to pet a dog in my home but due to lack of place i can not.